Creating Amazing Long Exposure Portraits at Night

A lot of people and starting photographer have a fear of shooting pictures, specially portraits at night. This is because pictures at night come out blurry, and its hard to get a sharp image if the subject is not well lit. For this project I wanted to try exactly that, making long exposure portraits but making them amazing.

For most of the following pictures I used a set of LEDs, a tripod and my settings for long exposure. It was already dark at night which is perfect for long exposure. So, I set my camera on my tripod and with the help of another person lighting the subject with the LEDs I was able to capture this pictures:

long exposure, light, grafitti, mask

For this picture in particular, I used a Godox Strobe, had the subject jump right at the flash of the strobe and then while the long exposure was still going had someone draw patterns with some LED lights attached to a bike wheel. The result came out looking like this:

long exposure, coat, hat, blur, light, rockstar

long exposure, light, portrait, multiple

long exposure, light, rockstar, lines

If you want to get more ideas on how to improve your long exposure photos and portraits, I suggest going to the Wescott University Website.

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