Branding for photographers

There are some step that are very important to follow when, as a photographer, you are planning on creating your business identity and brand or renew the image and rebrand. I attached here a template example of my own business. As you can see its simple, organized and has a feel of unity among all the elements that conforms it.

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First, the main logo is displayed, that would be the one that you’ll be recognized for. Second, you’ll add some alternate logos that coincide in design with the main one.

Following the logos you’ll choose a color palette that will communicate the message that you want your customers to see. Is it vibrant colors? Is it minimalist? Monochromatic? It all depends on what you’ve previously decided.

Along with colors, you pick 2 fonts ideally (or like me 3 but its not so recommended). The fonts have to be contrasting from each other and not from the same family like paring one style of sans serif with another style of sans serif.

Lastly I showed how my business cards would look like, how my logo will look on merch or staff uniforms like the white t-shirt, and finally how my finalized main logo will be position in a real picture taken by me. Specifying the location, opacity and color.

If you want to know more about branding for photographers check out Envira Gallery’s Website on How to build your photography brand in 4 new ways.

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