Professional Imaging Class Portfolio

One of my biggest inspirations in photography is classic cinema, specifically a film genre called neo-noir and italian giallo.The first one is known for its meticulous use of light and shadow, creating chiaroscuro and the second for its employ of strongly stylized and occasionally surreal uses of vibrant colors. I’ve always been captivated by both genres so I developed my own style by merging both and called it neon noir. I love vibrant colors and unusual combinations, but I the same time I love balancing the darkness and the light in my pictures.

Some of the valuable things that I was able to learn through the Comm316 class was to reach out and speak to people even though I might not know them, because for these photo shoots most of the models in my pictures where people that I had to reach out through social media (without knowing them) and just ask. And 100% of the time, it worked and I felt as if the creative ideas and impulses had no limit because I overcame my fear of reaching out.


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