Process of creating a composite

The Twilight Zone – Last week I went to Victor, Idaho to take some pictures of nature; specifically of the Tetons, and while I was looking at them at dusk I came up with this idea of making the moon rising above them. For this picture I had to merge 2 separate photos in order to get this composite. Those who know the Tetons up close will know that the moon do not rise directly centered with them, but in my picture I made it do it.

First, I rested my camera on a pilar (because I didn’t have a tripod at that exact moment) and because of the low light the picture could get pretty shaky. So I snapped a picture right when the pink hues and the dark blue of the sky almost merged with the Tetons in the middle.

Second, I waited until dark and exposed accordingly to get the most detail out of the moon. Once having both of those pictures I processed them in photoshop by enlarging and centering the moon, and also editing the overall color.  

Tetons, mountains, moon, twilight

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