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Sky Mountain Lodge is a location previously used by BYU-Idaho excursions. The lodge is located ½ mile off of highway 33 and 3.5 miles from Victor, Idaho. Due to its location, we were able to get amazing photography in the surrounding areas.

But besides having beautiful surroundings, just by walking around the Sky Mountain Lodge property I was able to find great spots that turned out to be beautiful photos for one art prints later.

Right after it had snowed I took a macro tube along with my 24-120mm and I was able to capture the early morning snow fresh on the grass.

grass, snow, wild, water drop
Fine Art by Ericka Sanders–Lage

I was also able to capture the ice sickles on top of one of the cabin’s windows. The dark wood and the white snow makes a great contrast.

Tetons, mountains, snow, cabin
Fine Art by Ericka Sanders–Lage
Tetons, mountains, fall, pines
Fine Art by Ericka Sanders–Lage

And finally, after taking a walk a little bit up hill inside the property I lowered my position to get the hay as my foreground, creating this cool effect against the mountains and the sky.

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