Learn How to get High Quality Prints for your own Fine Art without spending a lot of money

This week I worked on printing one of my favorite photos I’ve taken and I decided to go with Neon Noir. I think everyone agrees that having a good quality print is such a hassle. You just can’t walk to your local Walmart and expect to have a professional level print as a photographer without braking the bank. So for this challenge, I order a print through McKenna Pro, a website that specializes in delivering to your home high quality prints.

Here’s the before and after of my photo, it has a slight change in exposure and saturation of color but it’s mostly the same because the picture looked just how I wanted right from the start in camera.

model, editorial, neon, photoshoot, fashion

model, editorial, neon, photoshoot, fashion

The way I ordered my print was through their software, once there I picked the 16×24 metallic print on a styrene mount and because I cad a discount code with them i was able to get it for $10 when it’s around $17 originally.

It took a week to get it physically but it was totally worth it. The colors looked so good and so rich and intense, I was obsessed. After getting it ready on a frame, I was able to display it, where it currently is, in the main floor of the Jacob Spori Building in the Brigham Young University–Idaho campus. This is how it looked:

model, editorial, neon, photoshoot, fashion, mounted print

model, editorial, neon, photoshoot, fashion, print

Also, check out what the McKenna Pro website services are if you are interested in photographic prints here.

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