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I’m a Communication student who loves photography ever since childhood. Throughout my life I’ve tries different ways to make something love as if it was done by a professional although mostly all of those times I didn’t had the “high end” equipment to achieve it.

For this post I did several different styles of product photography with everyday materials that are very inexpensive. For example on this first photo the background is just a print with some cool texture. Then the rest is just dark rock tray under the spoons and spices.

Spices, Product, Photography
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For this other one we had a white background and then using plexiglass as a table I lit up underneath it with RGB lights.

Perfume, Product, Photo, neon
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Here it was pretty simple just a black poster board on the background a table placing mat as the surface to add texture and then arranged all the ingredients in a pleasing manner.

Soup, Photo, Product, tomato, warm
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On the same plexiglass of before I just turn off the RGB lights, kept everything pretty bright to simulate a bathroom and added the products and sprayed some water to add to the overall theme.

Shave, Cream, Photo, Product
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Finally I went and tired some product shots outside and here I only used available natural light and a reflector.

Product, Photo, Boots, Snow
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While on this last picture I had a Godox strobe lights set up to expose the background and the subject at the same level.

Nature, Model, Photo, Tetons
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