How to shoot Food Photography like a Professional using material in your own home

As I often tell people, one e of my favorite things to do is to take something that looks complicated and expensive to do and turn it into something affordable and simplified in technique. And if I don’t have to leave my home, what a better project ! This is was one of those cases. All of these pictures where taken inside the kitchen, no equipment or fancy studio to achieve them besides my camera and a speed light.

I wanted to try doing a dessert and making it pop out of the picture. I kept changing the light for this one to see what I came up with. Here I had the wood counter as part of the photo. I also had a black poster board functioning as my seamless backdrop. I had a light placed directly on top of my subject which in this case was the cake. This is how it ended up looking:

chocolate, cake, DIY, product, photography

For this next picture I used the natural light available in the kitchen through an opened window, and this what I came up with:

pie, DIY, product, photography

Here I had a placing mat as part of the photo to add texture to the picture. I also had a black poster board functioning as my seamless backdrop. I had the same set up as the first cake picture, I had a speed light o one side. This is how it ended up looking:

soup, warm, DIY, product, photography

And finally I wanted to add some human element to the food to make it more interesting, both pictures where shot with the available lighting coming through the windows, this is how it ended up looking:

model, apple, pie, DIY, product, photography

model, warm, drink, DIY, product, photography

If you want to get more ideas on how to make creative and beautiful photography like this I suggest going to the Digital Photography School website to learn how to do it more in depth.

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