Learn how I did these amazing Spraying and Waterdrop Photography

One of my favorite things to do is to take something that looks complicated and expensive to do and turn it into something affordable and simplified in technique. This is one of those cases. Both of those pictures where taken inside the kitchen, no equipment or fancy studio to achieve them besides my camera and a speed light.

The first picture was pretty easy to do I had a speed light flashing on one side and a crystal bowl fulled with water. On the top there was a bag with water and a tiny little hole to keep it dropping water simultaneously as I was shooting. On top of the bowl, pasted on the wall, I had a paper printed with multiple colors and patterns that I exchanged to create different feels to the photo. This was one of my favorites:

water drop, colors, DIY, photography

Then I wanted to try fruits and water to see what I came up with. Here I had the counter as part of the photo to reflect back the water and the shape of the fruit. I also had a black poster board functioning as my seamless backdrop. I had the same set up as the last picture, I had a speed light o one side. And then had someone else spray water at the orange slices at the same time I was shooting. This is how it ended up looking:

water, spray, fruit, DIY, photography

Shave, Cream, Photo, Product, water drops

If you want to get more ideas on how to make creative and beautiful photography like this I suggest going to PetaPixel website to learn how to do it more in depth.

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