Make your Photos look like a Professional Ad

I’ve always loved to DIY my way into photo shoots and one of my passions besides photography is finding ways to make hard and expensive things affordable and achievable. For this project I had a set up of a wood texture print and some dry leaves too adorn. I just had my shampoo be the subject of my ad and this is how my ad turn after tweaking it a little:

Conceptual, Ad, shampoo, nature

My original picture did not turn out that awesome, this is how it looked originally. Still, it was pretty okay.

Conceptual, Ad, shampoo, nature, before

I was able to get this result thanks to the awesome set up provided. I had two dimmable LED lights that you can get from amazon on opposite sides. One was set up on a warmer light (the one lighting the back of the bottle to create the illusion of sunlight), and two less warm sources of light, the other LED placed diagonally to the product and finally a soft box with continuous lighting.

Conceptual, Ad, shampoo, nature, behind the scenes

If you want to know more about this check out Big Commerce Website on How to Master Product Photography on a Tight Budget.

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