I’ve always wanted to create a compilation of all the things I’ve learned and my best work in order to help others and show my employers. I thought it would be a great idea to do it for my Senior Project so I created a trade book in which I curated the best of my photography projects during my time at BYU-Idaho. I wrote short essays to talk about the behind the scenes, tips and tricks to create magazine looking photography on a very tight budget and also to know which is the most affordable and reliable equipment available to set up a mobile studio as a college student.

I decided that the format that I would choose to display my project would be a trade book. I think this way would be very beneficial for my career because I can showcase it in two mediums, through PDF on my website and also in a physical copy that I can bring along to future job interviews. I think this project will be beneficial for my career goals because I can show the quality of my photography work and also in design. It will also demonstrate that I am someone who’s creative not just in the art aspect but creative in solving problems like I write about in my trade book. Through my short essays I explain how i managed to have a mobile and lightweight studio under $350, create magazine looking photography as a college student and on a very tight budget. This will tell my future employers that I am a valuable asset, capable of adjusting to any situation and able to create amazing projects in spite of harsh circumstances.

My initial estimated expenses calculation went around $30 but after researching more I was able to find a company that creates really good quality trade book prints for under $10. So I was able to design everything from scratch on Adobe Photoshop (which I already owned) and then import my files unto their free software to create the page layout.

Also in my trade book I included a list of products with their respective photos from Amazon (which I don’t own) in order to showcase better the specifics of each one of the studio tools that I own and recommend. Along with that, I added the prices (to the date of June 2020) that were displayed in amazon.com at the time of producing the book. I considered it would be helpful so it would give an estimate of what to expect when buying studio materials as a college student.

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