Missionary Documentary during 2020 Pandemic

This semester I’ll be working on a new project about a missionary’s life specifically during this health crisis and here I’ll be updating my process of interviewing and working on this documentary.

A little bit of background: Liz Gonzalez had a desire to serve a mission, she though things would go smooth in her way to achieve this goal since she was doing the right thing. Adversity after adversity happen even before her mission started, today she is back home (still as a missionary) waiting for her mission 4th reassignment. During the documentary we’ll witness Sister Gonzalez missionary life during a pandemic. How she’s had to readjust and keep being a faithful missionary while having no companion, mission, or immediate leaders to watch for her.

This week I worked on getting the appropriate permission from the Stake President (immediate leader of the missionary since she’s been resigned temporarily back home). Here’s a photo of the written consent I received in Spanish (their native language).

*Names and sensible information have been blurred due to privacy concerns. 

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