Create Amazing Environmental Portraits

Recently, I visited the Grad Teton National Park. Due to its location, we were able to get amazing photography in the surrounding areas. But besides having beautiful surroundings, just by walking around the Sky Mountain Lodge property I was able to find great spots that turned out to be beautiful photo for amazing environmental photography.

I wanted to take a photo of hikers, the mountains behind and then the sky well exposed. But since i was doing it at a time that the sun was so harsh it looked very bright and couldn’t get the exposure right on everything. To solve that i used a reflector to bounce back the sunlight available. By using it I was able to get everything together and this is how my pictures turned out.

tetons, native american, mountains, extended arms, nature

hiker, tetons, lake, nature

hiker, tetons, backpack, lake, nature

If you want to get more ideas on how to improve your environmental photos, I suggest going to the Expert Photography Website.

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