Family Reunion and Special Occasion Photo shoot

The original plan for this photo shoot was to have The Wilkins come to Rexburg and have their family photo shoot in town because their daughters where visiting from around the area because they don’t live in Rexburg. We talked about what they initially wanted, they were planning on having a 1 hour photo shoot and no longer since one of their daughters had to hit the road earlier.

The photo shoot happened on Tuesday September 17th at the Ricks Gardens at 3:00pm. My initial plan was to not have the photo shoot in a time where the sun light is so harsh, but since they had a tight schedule I had to work around that. I had 2 pictures were I struggled the most because of the spotty light coming through the trees but I was pretty happy about the results for most of the other pictures I shot that day.

I delivered the final edited pictures to The Wilkins within the week of the photo shoot (in 2 days).

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