You don’t need expensive equipment

For this cinemagraph it was relatively an easy process. A lot of people think that to get goo pictures you necessarily have to own high end equipment. But actually on this one I used my phone. I was in the highway not having my DSLR on hand I grabbed my phone and snapped some photos and video. I didn’t really do much because noways there are a lot of Photoshop-like apps that come out in handy for moments like this.

Tetons, cinemagraph, how to, iphone
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So what I did was snapping the picture the most steady I could. Then in the app mask the mountains and the ground to freeze the natural motion that occurs with hand held devices but left motion happening on the sky so the clouds would move and create an illusion.

If you want to know more about how to create your won cinemagraphs, visit My Modern MET Website.

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