You can create Amazing Architecture Photography anywhere you are

Sky Mountain Lodge is a location previously used by BYU-Idaho excursions. The lodge is located ½ mile off of highway 33 and 3.5 miles from Victor, Idaho. Due to its location, we were able to get amazing photography in the surrounding areas.

But besides having beautiful surroundings, just by walking around the Sky Mountain Lodge property I was able to find great spots that turned out to be beautiful photos for amazing architecture photography. Here are some outdoors and indoors architecture photos that I liked the most:

cabin, trees, sunlight, snow, cold

window, cabin, ice, snow, cold, trees

window, cabin, ice, cold

And finally I wanted to add some human element to the environment. I added food to make it more interesting, both pictures where shot with the available lighting coming through the windows, this is how it ended up looking:

model, apple, pie, DIY, product, photography

model, drink, warm, DIY, product, photography

If you want to get more ideas on how to make creative and beautiful photography like this I suggest going to the Expert Photography website to learn how to do it more in depth.

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