Learn How I submitted my work and got a sponsored Showcase!

Not very long ago I wanted to try something I never tried before. I wanted to send my work to an organization and see if they sponsor me. I found an organization called RAW Artist and they specialize in helping independent artist showcase their work in a gallery, network and sell their artwork, if possible. They are taking applications right now for Idaho and Utah (and their sponsored showcases will happen in Boise and Salt Lake City, respectively). From the moment I filled out an application and send my photos to them, it took less than a week for them to reach out and accept my submission.

This is also kind of how it works after your work is selected: “The business model is set up to allow artists the opportunity to not pay out of pocket for fees associated with the production of their showcase. To cover these costs, artists can sell 20 tickets to the showcase. The tickets cover costs of production and staff. If all 20 tickets are sold, the artists earn $10 for every ticket they sell after the full 20 ticket commitment is fulfilled.”

Also these are some of the pictures I submitted to be displayed in their next showcase:

model, editorial, neon, photoshoot, fashion

horror, scary, hands, claws, photoshop, fruit

model, editorial, neon, photoshoot, fashion

If you want to learn more about this organization, check RAW Artist website.

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