This week I was able to plan the Interview and the Shot List for the Documentary Project I’m working on. This is how is looking so far.

Title: TBD (Missionary during Coronavirus Pandemic)

Interview: Sister Gonzalez (Lizett Gonzalez)

Location: From her temporary assignment (home)

Interview Questions:

  1. Background on motives to be a missionary
  3. Experience in the field of DC mission during Corona Outbreak
  4. (Most of the time) Adjustment to serve from home

–How she’s studying

–Lessons online

–No companion and living the rules, etc…

Scene (include location and date of shooting): TBC (tentatively between this and next week)

Sequences: *Corona Footage News (Montage), Archival Footage Slide with Voice over, Interview.

Individual Shots: Looking at mission memories and telling her story, Teaching a lesson, Studying alone, living as a missionary from home, getting ready for the day.

Also my subject created a gallery for me to pick the archival footage necessary for the project. This week I also sent her some of the important points I will like her to talk about during the interview so she’s ready for the questions.

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