This will be my last update on the documentary I’m making about my sister’s life as a missionary. Last week she went to her reassigned mission and got some extra footage of her at the airport before she left. I will add that to the end of the documentary.



Final Update of Documentary

Summary – Liz Gonzalez had a desire to serve a mission, she though things would go smooth in her way to achieve this goal since she was doing the right thing. Adversity after adversity happened even before her mission started, today she is back home (still as a missionary) waiting for her mission 4th reassignment. During the documentary we’ll witness Sister Gonzalez missionary “new normal”, how she’s had to readjust and keep being a faithful missionary while having no companion, mission, or immediate leaders to watch for her, and the emotional impact on having such an unpredictable mission.



Camera – iPhone SE

Lights – Natural Light and 2 auxiliary

Audio – Apple Earbuds microphone

Editing – Final Cut Pro X



Photos – Archival Footage provided by the interviewee

Video – Montage of multiple news reports about the pandemic and missionaries coming back home (used for educational purposes).

Music – TBD (Royalty free)

Sound FX – Royalty Free Effects


Lessons Learned So Far

Problems – Archival Footage is not the best quality

Solutions – Edit them on PSD to better the quality

What is Left To Do – Add the archival footage to create seamless transitions from cut to cut and add the final scene which is my sister going to her last reassignment.

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